Downtown Vienna

Space for Kids. A Dream City

Utopische Ideen für die Stadt der Zukunft 💡 #spaceforkids #kidsspace #kunsthallewien #cat
Space for Kids Kunsthalle Wien
9 months ago
What would a city built by children look like? Our art education team ...
Kunsthalle Wien
9 months ago
Trickle down Effekt #KidsSpace @kunsthallewien #ErwinWurm
eSeL Lorenz Seidler
9 months ago
Kunsthalle Wien
10 months ago
Unsere haben mit den Vorbereitungen für die Ausstellung "Space for Kids. WeltTraumStadt" ...
Kunsthalle Wien
11 months ago
#KunsthalleWien18 “Space for Kids“ will be a prototype for a new exhibition format ...
1 year ago

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