New sound work for TONSPUR_passage at @q21_vienna / @mqwien: TONSPUR 87 ACHIM FREYER 7 X 7 = 7 COLOR BEKENNEN 1 Oct-19 Nov 2020 Daily • 10:00-20:00 #soundart #farbebekennen
Heute ab 17.30h im auditorium / EG PASSAGE @tonspur__folgen #artistQ21 @bennynilsen performs electromagnetic energies integrating material of correspondence with CLAUDIA SCHUMANN Tickets / Timeslots:
Die @tonspur__folgen Klangarbeit "Private Dots and Public Clouds" von Studierenden der Klasse #TransArts ist während des Angewandte Festivals durchgehend online abrufbar: Sujet © Christopher Frieß
TONSPUR_WORKSHOP: PRIVATE DOTS AND PUBLIC CLOUDS It's almost a bit unreal, but on Monday has a new work for the TONSPUR_passage @q21_vienna / @mqwien premiere in real public space! A…
Former @tonspur__folgen #artistQ21 Alvin Curran will be playing his Containment Études as part of the #TONSPUR_live_sets in times of #Covid19 series on #mothersday2020 Sunday, May 10, 7-8PM (CEST), live stream:
Former @tonspur__folgen #artistQ21 @dawn_scarfe sent us this message from her roof in #London: She will perform the 4th TONSPUR_livestream in times of #Covid19 this Sunday, April 26, 3-4pm (CEST), STREAM: #ArtistsInIsolation
Former @tonspur__folgen #artistQ21 Natalia Domínguez Rangel sent us a video message with an open call for her sound project #AcousticEcologies, watch it here: She will perform a #TONSPUR_liveSet on April 19, 3-4PM (CET). STREAM:
In less than 48 hours, Aquiles Hadjis [VEN], former TONSPUR_artist and former AiR of @Q21_vienna / @mqwien, will launch a live set from Tokyo via video stream on our Facebook-channel. Listen to his music, made in Vienna, here. #kunsttrotzcorona #soundart
Former @tonspur__folgen #artistQ21 Aquiles Hadjis will perform live from Tokyo: this Sunday, April 5, at 5PM (CET) as part of the new series TONSPUR_live sets in times of COVID-19. 👉
Today, former @tonspur__folgen #artistQ21 @robertopacidalo performs together with @miazabelka : 5pm, STREAM @ @usmaradio #performance #soundart
Every day at tea time, former @tonspur__folgen Artist-in-Residence @robertopacidalo will play a live concert with a guest. Today at 5PM with Robert Lippok:
Am So 1.3. präsentiert @tonspur__folgen ab 17h die neue Soundinstallation TONSPUR 84: Paul Brody (USA): 5 Mini Operas in Ordinary Language in der TONSPUR_passage im @mqwien : Bild: © Paul Brody ● photograph taken by Dirk Hasskarl, Berlin
Q21 institution TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien presents Aquiles Hadjis! The performance starts tonight at 7:30h at Vekks. Sound Artist Aquiles Hadjis was Artist-in-Residence at Q21/ @mqwien in January.
On February 7, @tonspur__folgen presents #artistQ21 Aquiles Hadjis who will give a live performance together with René Van Munster (cello) at #Vekks, Ratschkygasse 14, 1120 Vienna:
#artistQ21 Aquiles Hadjis will perform live at @flucvienna together with Runar Magnusson on February 5, 8PM: @tonspur__folgen #soundart
2020 is looking good so far: please meet our Artists-in-Residence Nikolina Bogdanović, Blanka Győri, Aquiles Hadjis, @pavla_horakova @_JacksonHL_ Mária Janušová, Space of Urgency - Arno Bouma, Lucas Counter, @LieseKingma @erstefoundation @tonspur__folgen
Happy New Year and very warm welcome to this year's first group of Artists-in-Residence! 🤩🤗😎@_JacksonHL_ @pavla_horakova @erstefoundation @tonspur__folgen
This Thursday, Dec 19, our Artists-in-Residence are busy: at 5PM, Mario Verandi presents his new sound installation "Theatrum Sonorum" for @tonspur__folgen