our idea of devs becoming avatars of their games for this @DiePressecom feature is released! w/ @brokenrules @PlayInTheGarden @Mipumi @FollowFeathers @james_d_patton
We just realised we were part of three Apple Design Award winning games over the last three years. Hat trick! 2017: Old Man's Journey 2018: frost by @KunabiBrother 2019: ELOH with @jcstranger, @SalonAlpin and @scntfc
After winning the @Vimeo Staff Pick Award at @viennashorts, the 360˚ version of my film ‘4:3’ is now live on Vimeo as a Staff Pick Premiere - their first VR Staff Pick Award! Check it out here 👇 Press release here 👇
ELOH is an Apple Design Award Winner 2019 because of its amazing team: @jcstranger, @LipComarella, @scntfc, @v01pe_, @mcloister, Daniela Comarella and Simon Griesser. Keep creating astounding work!
ELOH won an Apple Design Award! Thank you for the honor, @AppStore!
Alright, let's make things official: our little studio has turned 10 years old this year and it's time to party! We are especially excited to have @scntfc visit us in Vienna and celebrate with us! If you plan on coming, be so kind and RSVP please!
We’re looking for a programmer to work at the intersection of gameplay, physics and animation, developing the ‘feel’ of movement together with us. Please get in touch, tell your colleagues and retweet! #indiedev #gamejobs #gamedev #gamedevjobs
You can also take us home with you if you grab this months Q21 flyer. Thank you for this feature and our beautiful office, @Q21_vienna!
#Q21backstage: Im Mai stellen wir @brokenrules vor, ein Independent Game Studio, das seit 2009 handgemachte Computerspiele entwickelt. Zu ihrem 10-jährigen Bestehen wird am 24.5. in der @Gartenbaukino philiale gefeiert! @Rostiger @mcloister @josefwho
if you want to join our studio tour to @brokenrules, @KunabiBrother and @Mipumi april 5th, you better sign up now! very few places left!
We are very proud to announce that Old Man’s Journey will be part of the @ID_Xbox family soon! Available on #Xbox One and Windows 10 (Xbox Play Anywhere) on March 4th 2019. You can’t wait to get it? Pre-order it right now! 👉
If you are in Vienna and wanna grab some delicious cake while playing lovely games you should visit our friends this weekend:
If you can see the Broken Rules logo, you’re close to our table where we’re showing ELOH! #GameCity
We'll show ELOH at #GameCity Vienna. You'll find us in the @radiofm4 Indie Arena. P.S.: We'll even have more stickers!
Hey, tomorrow is the last day of the @VIENNADESIGN Days and I'll be talking at Oxymoron gallery about game making philosophy and how we operate @brokenrules. More info here:
If you are in town coming Friday you should definitely come to the next @SUBOTRON arcademy. The lovely and great @hannahnicklin is coming to Vienna. And she will have opinions, very smart ones, as always. Come by, it will be really interesting!
Speaking of the soundtrack of Old Man‘s Journey - if you’re into vinyl you can pre-order the super special limited deluxe edition over @iam8bit !
Here‘s a review for Old Man‘s Journey with a focus on the audio. Props go out once again to @scntfc for his outstanding work in a category that’s still too often easily overlooked.
Looks like you can now pre-order the gorgeous vinyl edition of @scntfc’s Old Man’s Journey soundtrack at @WOW_HD. Should have better shipping options to Europe.
Let us also join the @AppStore in reminding you that the Old Man's Journey soundtrack by @scntfc is utterly beautiful and available on iTunes.
Check out this wonderful written review of Old Man’s Journey (contains spoilers!). Thanks for the kind (and well articulated) words!
Yeeeees, we’re hyped! This is limited to 1000 copies, so order yours quickly!
Hey all, we have news! We‘re immensely excited to announce our collaboration with iam8bit on the limited vinyl edition of the Old Man‘s Journey soundtrack!
Old Man’s Journey’s wonderful music by @scntfc now finally has a limited edition double 10” vinyl soundtrack. Manufactured by the perfectionists at @iam8bit. Don’t miss this!
Looking for a game to play this summer? Old Man’s Journey is joining @NintendoEurope’s #NintendoSwitch Summer Sale on #eShop.
Finally Old Man’s Journey will hit the #PS4 in NA and EU TODAY! Japan soon to follow. Hope you are going to enjoy it as much as we did developing it ;)
We are welcoming a new platform to the Old Man’s Journey console family today. Let’s celebrate with our very first #NintendoSwitch #eShop discount: 20% off for one week! #nindies
You have one more day on the European #PSN store to pre-order Old Man’s Journey for #PS4. 20% off for @PSPlusEU users!
We are very excited to announce that Old Man’s Journey is coming to PS4 on May 29th! Pre-order now at: #PSN #PS4 #PS4Pro
Oh hey look! Old Man’s Journey is exhibited at the amuseum of Pop Culture in Seattle! Thanks @bernhard_rieder for the heads up!
Wow, Old Man’s Journey was rewarded as the Standout Indie game at the #GooglePlay Awards! 😯😻🤩 How cool! Thank you @GooglePlayDev! 🙏 #io18
Wow, Old Man’s Journey is nominated as a standout indie game for the #GooglePlay awards. We’re proud to be part of such an astonishing selection!