About Downtown Vienna

Downtown Vienna is a digital communications agency working at the interface of brands, arts and culture. We create sustainable digital networks.

Downtown Vienna presents CURATED MEDIA.

We filter the freshest content the web and social media have on offer. Curating content, means to search and identify relevant and interesting content, organize it, communicate it – and therefore essentially take it on a another level. In doing so we create sustainable digital networks with the digital stakeholders – for you and your clients.

Why CURATED MEDIA by Downtown Vienna?
Efficiency: Fresh, attractive content has become the critical factor in the race for attention. It is the main driver for website traffic. But the creation of interesting content is expensive. Updates with well curated content are less resource intensive and therefore more efficient, whilst giving the original content more visibility.

Added value: We live in a time, in which the content on the internet doubles every 48 hours. Filters are not only helpful, but essential. Generating and distributing content is not sufficient any more – the future is about carving a position, offering an added value through expertise and connecting in order to form a network of mutual support.

Re-use of content: “Curated Media” can be distributed via various channels and devices: websites, apps (mobile, VR, AR) and screens – allowing frequent updates throughout the day.

The task of curating is to make junctions, to allow different elements to touch. Its a form of map-making that opens new routes through a city, a people or a world.
  -- Hans-Ulrich Obrist, art curator

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We create sustainable digital networks
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Yvonne Fricke, Managing Partner
Yvonne builds on a decade of international agency experience in advertising. She has worked for Saatchi & Saatchi in England and Germany, as well as for Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann - Austrias leading advertising agency. Before she founded Downtown Vienna, she explored the universe of social media from an enterprise perspective.
Christian Mayr Hofer, CEO
Christian began to learn from very early on at SAP. Emerging technologies have habitually engaged him, often long before they turn up on Wikipedia. Since the beginning, he has been attracting attention with variegated projects in the universe of social media. He has dedicated himself with particular intensity to the sphere of social network syndication, aggregation and curation.
The social network is yesterday,
the interest feed is tomorrow!