Что творится в одном из боксов на фестивале sound:frame в Манеже - не описать словами!
On our way back up the stairs we pass by Philipp Timischl's installation "The Blair Bitch Project" (2013)
A multi-layered story is told in the video by Dani Gal, which we can at when we walk down to the souterrain.
While I'm turning around & walking to the other end of the exhibition hall, I leave you with this @TAOnline...
For this show Antoine developed "Collective Feelings Memory" which visitors are invited to touch #FutureTour
Right on the ground sit @antoinerenard8's sculptures "Why do cats sleep on the newspaper" (2015) #FutureTour
We'll talk/tweet a bit more about Ex-Yugoslavia later on - but now let's move on to @jonrafman
Aleksandra Domanovic investigates the recent history of Ex-Yugoslavia
Ist dir kalt, Elvis? Dann mal schnell rein in die Ausstellung #LudwigGoesPop. #Eröffung am Mittwoch, 11.2.,...
Rindenjacke, Nationalpark Gesäuse #MQVFW14
Maria Kluhs as 'Nationalpark Neusiedlersee' #MQVFW14
Japanese superstar Yuri C. Y. as 'Nationalpark Hohe Tauern' #MQVFW14