"Trust me": 14. Filmfestival Vienna Shorts stellt die Vertrauensfrage #viennashorts 1-6. Juni #trustme
Austrian Fulbright Scholar Thomas Hein's Fulbright journey from @BOKUvienna to @winonastateu starts today!…
14. Filmfestival Vienna Shorts stellt die Vertrauensfrage
we have many austrian VR games at @fairPLAYAUSTRIA for you! @BlackCellStudio will present their latest work "keigu"…
Mornings on the Vienna subway. Thank you for the mention @INFOSCREEN_ !
Live-auction with 3 STATION ROSE artworks NOW, lot 193-195, E
RIP, Roger Moore. You were the Bond I grew up with. My Bond. (Ey, Connery, why so serious?)
Am 26. Mai (19 Uhr) präsentieren wir den 4. Teil der sehr unterhaltsamen Unnützes WienWissen Reihe bei uns
Today I helped US #artist and #illustrator @andyrementer out to produce a piece in public space.
👴 🌅 👓 make sure you get this little gem about #life #loss and #hope by #indie game developers at #Q21vienna #BrokenRules
Vortrag im Designforum MQ, 24.5.2017,19:00: Bernhard Denscher, Design von Julius Klinger bis Stefan Sagmeister
Live drawing in Vienna. Thank you @mqwien for having me and @artisdotlove for the help
education-area @fairPLAYAUSTRIA: @tuvienna institute of computer graphics and algorithms: courses, works, research…
You know that an exhibition is serious about type when the joints of the movable walls look like this. 👏 @t_g_a_ 👏 @designaustria 👏
Weiter geht's mit dem österreichischen #typedesign, Bernhard Denscher spricht @designforumWien 24.05., 19h